Golden Beauties Driven to Doodles
Exquisite Doodle Breeding located in New York State.
We are licensed and inspected by the state of New York and a Preferred Breeder with the
Continental Kennel Club. Run by a Certified Canine Behavior Consultant.

PD #638
NOW offering Personal Delivery to the NYC area for a minimal mileage charge!!!!!
For all puppies we raise we begin basic training, crate training, socialization with dogs and people,  
puppies are exposed to the outdoors and are neurologically stimulated starting at birth.


We began as a Golden Retriever Hobby Breeder but have progressed to Doodle breeding due to our Love and fondness of the Goldendoodle
dog. We have also grown fond of other Poodle mixes and have begun working in collaboration with other breeders to provide other Doodle
Breeds as well as our famous Goldendoodles. We occasionally have Poodles and Golden Retrievers.. Check our Upcoming Litters page for details
on the newest pairings.

A Good breeder is going to have you sign a contract to spay/neuter your pet; a great breeder is going to offer a guarantee; an excellent
breeder with great faith in their breeding stock is going to offer a 3 year health guarantee as we do!

We health test our dogs, we select the best mate for our girls and we select our breeding stock as puppies and raise them to our high
standards! As you can clearly see here at Golden Beauties Driven to Doodles we truly care about our dogs and puppies and want to provide you
with the best possible pet for your family!
We are licensed and inspected by
NYS; PD # 638
we are a preferred breeder with the CKC (Continental Kennel Club)
We feed our dogs Nutri Source dog food and compliment it with
NuVet vitamins.

What is a

A Goldendoodle is much like a Golden Retriever but does not shed like a Golden Retriever and can be bred to be smaller than a Golden
Retriever. They are also much smarter than an average dog because they are a combination of two very intelligent breeds! Goldendoodles coat
colors can range from Jet Black to Cream White and coat style can range from Straight wavy to Curly.

For more detailed information on our dogs and what doodles are like:
Our Breeding Stock
Doodle Facts
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Golden Doodle Breeder New York
golden beauties driven to doodles
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mini goldendoodle
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Golden Beauties Driven to Doodles
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